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The World of Wipes Innovation Award® recognizes and rewards innovation within the entire wipes value chain that utilizes nonwoven fabric/technology in a way that expands the usage of nonwovens. Presented annually, eligible categories include, but are not limited to: raw materials, roll goods, converting, packaging, active ingredients, binders, additives and end-use products.

The three finalists competing for the World of Wipes Innovation Award® are:

Scott® Xtreme Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes by Kimberly-Clark Professional:

Scott® Xtreme Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes are great for tackling extreme cleaning tasks, like removing oil, grease, grime, paint, adhesives, caulk, and more, yet are gentle enough to clean hands. Featuring a patented citrus cleaning solution, the dual-action cleaning fabric incorporates a textured side to increase scrubbing action for cleaning tough soils and a smooth side for wiping surfaces clean. Scott® Xtreme Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes are truly a must-have for any DIY job and cleaning on-the-go.

OC-Biobinder® Lily1450 by OrganoClick:

OC-Biobinder® represents a series of bio-based and biodegradable binders intended for the nonwoven and paper industry. They are produced from renewable raw materials and residual streams from the food industry and replace traditional fossil-based plastic binders. OC-Biobinder® is available with many different properties adapted to the production of home compostable nonwoven materials such as premium napkins, table cloths and wet wipes.

Facial Care Wipe with Glycine Amino Acid Complex by Rockline Industries:

Rockline has innovated a new Skin Care Wipe containing a unique multifunctional complex of two medium chain glycine, a phospholipid and a blend of special glycol ingredients that provides for a multitude of skin care benefits as well as providing a unique preservation system for nonwovens. The Skin Care Wipe provides substantiated improved skin smoothness, elasticity, and hydration alongside an anti-ageing claim. This innovation is amongst the first to use these unique glycine ingredients in a Skin Care Wipe formulation.


Prior Winners:

  • 2023: Indorama Ventures and Polymateria – Nonwoven Wipe Using Biotransformation Technology
  • 2022: Nice-Pak – SecureFLUSH™ Technology Flushable Wipes
  • 2021: Kimberly-Clark – Scott® Sanitizing Wipes
  • 2020: Berk International – Food Fresh Liners
  • 2019: Kelheim Fibres GmbH – Danufil®QR Fibres
  • 2018: Diamond Wipes International – Hero Wipes™
  • 2017: Berry Plastics – Chicopee Microfiber Floor Care System
  • 2016: Tec Laboratories – Tecnu Bites & Stings Medicated Itch and Pain Relief Wipes
  • 2015: Clorox – ScrubSingles Kitchen pads
  • 2014: ITW Professional Brands – Sertun™ Rechargeable Sanitizer Indicator Towels
  • 2013: TapeMark – Snapplicator™
  • 2012: Sani Professional® – Table Turners® No-Rinse Sanitizing Wipes
  • 2011:  Professional Disposables International, Inc. (PDI) – Sani-Cloth® AF Germicidal Disposable Wipe
  • 2010: Nice-Pak – Eco Pak
  • 2009: SC Johnson – Windex® Outdoor All In One Wipe
  • 2008: KlenzPod – KlenzPod